We That Are Young

We That Are Young


Jivan Singh, bastard son, returns to Delhi after fifteen years of exile to find a city on fire with protests and in the grip of drought. On the same day, Devraj, father of Jivan's childhood playmates, founder of India's most important Company, announces his retirement, demanding daughterly love in exchange for shares. Sita, his youngest child, refuses to play, turning her back on the marriage he has arranged. Her sisters Gargi and Radha must take over the Company and cement their father's legacy. As they struggle to make their names, a family and an empire begin to unravel.

We That Are Young is Shakespeare's King Lear told as a devastating commentary on contemporary India. From Delhi mansions to luxury hotels, from city slums to the streets of Kashmir, from palace to wayside, Preti Taneja recasts an old tale in fresh, eviscerating prose that bursts with energy and fierce, beautifully measured rage. This is the story of a country that, like the old king, is descending into madness.


540 Pages | ISBN13 9780670090464
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Preti Taneja
Preti Taneja
Preti Taneja studied theology at Cambridge University and then won a Guardian scholarship to train in print journalism. As a human rights reporter and editor, she covered minority rights in Iraq, Kosovo, India and Rwanda, among other places. In 2009, she co-founded the collective ERA Films to make investigative, campaigning documentaries for international and national non-governmental organizations. She is also the co-founder and editor of Visual Verse, an online anthology of art and words. She is currently researching on Shakespeare adaptations in contemporary conflict and post-conflict zones in the department of English and comparative literary studies and the centre for human rights in practice at Warwick University. In 2014, her novella Kumkum Malhotra won the Gatehouse Press New Fictions prize. We That Are Young is her debut novel.
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