What A Loser!

What A Loser!


Pandey Anil Kumar Sinha (PAKS) comes to Delhi with precisely threethings: One, his jaded old trunk full of sattu and achaar; Two, a borroweddream of becoming an IAS officer from his clerk father; and three, to sleepwith a milky white Punjabi girl.However, PAKS’s goals begin to change when he falls in love, enrols forEnglish classes and finds cool friends. Then suddenly he is pushed to theforefront of college elections and he becomes a hero!PAKS is living his ultimate dream … or is he?What will happen next? Will he ever get what he really wants?Find out in this laughathon full of clichés straight from the cow belt ofIndia!


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Pankaj Dubey
Pankaj Dubey

Once upon a time in a sleepy town called Chaibasa, in Jharkhand, there was a boy very, very unhappy with his name-Pankaj Dubey. It seemed like his parents had named him only out of a sense of duty without giving it any proper thought. However, unlike his ordinary name, he wanted to do extraordinary things! He once gifted a basket of lemons bought from Mangla Haat to his first girlfriend's mother to impress her. The mother made 'achaar' out of it but her daughter changed her 'vichaar' about him. Hence, he went through the most lemony breakup! He spent most of his growing-up years aping breakdance steps of Mithun in Disco Dancer. Because he spent so much time with his hero, Aryabhattaji blessed him with a zero in his maths paper.
Pankaj Dubey travelled to Delhi and Europe for his higher studies. Between living in a dingy flat in Mukherjee Nagar, New Delhi, with four IAS aspirants, and becoming a paying guest of a toilet cleaner in Coventry, England, he thinks he has seen it all. He once forgot to switch off his mobile phone as a broadcaster with the BBC World Service, Hindi, in London. To his distinction is the contribution of making all serious listeners of BBC News hear the popular tune of the movie Saathiya: 'Saathiya, maddham maddham teri geeli hansi'.
While in college, he filled the North Campus of Delhi University with laughter. Pankaj was awarded the Navodit Lekhak Award by the Hindi Academy (Government of Delhi) for penning down creative ways to waste time during one's college life in the campus, in his story called 'Mukhauta'. His humour expedition continued in the Coventry University in West Midlands, England, where he did his master's in applied communications.
A babe-sitter by passion and babysitter by compulsion, he is presently based in Mumbai and experimenting with screenwriting in the Indian film industry. This book is also a part of such explorations.
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