Writing is Fun

Writing is Fun


How to write right
Master the art of writing a diary, letter, advertisement, script, novel-just about anything-with this fun activity book, featuring handy tips and expert advice to make you a pro. Explore the power of the written word, get equipped with the basic tools that'll help you sharpen your craft and wield the pen like never before!


112 Pages | ISBN13 9780143442257
Jeanne  Perrett
Jeanne Perrett
Jeanne Perrett has taught English for over twenty-five years, and is the author of a wide range of English language coursebooks for primary and pre-primary classes as well as children's novels. She lives in Greece with her husband and their four children. Her first novel, Ash & Tara and the Emerald Dagger, was published by Puffin Books in 2010.
Sayan Mukherjee
Sayan Mukherjee
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