Young Adult



"DO MIRACLES REALLY HAPPEN? Sixteen-year-old Trisha is hugely embarrassed by her hip mom who rides around on a monster motorbike called Smelly Beast. But along with her exuberant little sister, Shivi, they make for a quirky threesome, as Trisha adjusts to a new school, explores her talent for singing and falls head over heels for Akshay. Trisha’s happy-go-lucky world suddenly comes crashing down when a fatal illness befalls her mother. She struggles to make the transition from a carefree teenager to a responsible adult, hoping that some miracle will magically set things right. Poignant and deeply sensitive, Miracles is a heart-warming coming-of- age story of a feisty young girl’s struggle against her fate."


288 Pages | ISBN13 9780143333036
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Ranjit Lal
Ranjit Lal
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