The Secret of Falcon Heights
Young Adult

The Secret of Falcon Heights


"She’s beautiful. She’s fearless. She’s bewitching. So why is she the ‘leper’ of Pahadpur? Seventeen-year-old Sandeep and his younger brother, Manish, are not looking forward to spending three months in the remote Internet-challenged hill station of Pahadpur with their military-minded aunt. Apart from taking care of their kid sister, Chubs, who tends to wander off on her own, the boys have absolutely nothing to do in the holidays. But there is more to Pahadpur than meets the eye. Sandeep and Manish discover that the family next door, at Falcon Heights, is shunned by all the townsfolk. Who is the mysterious girl who lives there and fl ies a falcon every morning? As they unravel the secret with their new friend Parul, two terrible but equally plausible stories emerge—only one of which can be true. When the truth is revealed, it brings all of them face-to-face with a horrifying fate, and it is left to little Chubs to save the day."


224 Pages | ISBN13 9780143333333
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Ranjit Lal
Ranjit Lal
"Ranjit Lal has written fiction and non-fiction for both adults and children. His most recent books for Puffin were The Caterpillar Who Went on a Diet and Other Stories, When Banshee Kissed Bimbo and Other Bird Stories and The Battle for No. 19."
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