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Fun in Devlok

Devdutt Pattanaik

"Why is Indra an unhappy god? Why is the cow such a cool animal? Who is the demon of forgetfulness? Master storyteller Devdutt Pattanaik answers...

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Ruskin Bond

What do you do when there's an earthquake?' asks Rakesh. Everyone in the Burman household has their own ideas, but when the tremors begin and...

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"Enter the secret world of your wild pets! Ever wondered why this world’s called a rat race? Why does your teacher call you the chatter...

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"Go wild with the year’s most exciting quiz book Who is the head of the elephant family? a. Matriarch b. Tusker c. Patriarch d. Elderphant...

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"City girl Nooni is surprised at the pace of life in her grandparents’ village in Karnataka. But she quickly gets used to the gentle routine...

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