The Assassin Nuns and the Pirates of Peppercorn Bay Manisha Anand

The Assassin Nuns and the Pirates of Peppercorn Bay
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"Blessed and badass! Who knew that protecting the sleepy little town of Pistachio could be such hard work? Even heroes need a holiday! So Ann and the Assassin Nuns pack their bags and kitchen equipment (Sister Ruth insists) and head off to the seemingly action-free Peppercorn Bay, where the only thing they're likely to attack is a plate of fish and chips. But Peppercorn Bay has a history, and our unlikely bunch of habited heroes have no choice but to confront it. With a sword or two, if you please. "

Book Pages : 256
ISBN13 9780143428831

Manisha Anand

Manisha Anand

Manisha Anand grew up in a tiny place in central India that no one ever bothered to put on a map, where she had several imaginary friends and read far too many books. She now lives in a tiny house in London with a lovely Northern chap, their imaginary cat and a growing collection of books that is threatening to take over. She thinks life’s turned out quite all right.

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