The Assassin Nuns of Pistachio Manisha Anand

The Assassin Nuns of Pistachio
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"When eleven-year-old Ann is sent to live with the famous Assassin Nuns of Pistachio, she expects nothing less than a life of swashbuckling adventures and covert rescue missions. Instead, she meets a group of mild-mannered women who prefer soufflés to sword fighting and haven’t stepped out of their mountaintop abbey in years. After Ann discovers that there’s something very nasty going on in Pistachio, she decides it’s time the nuns lived up to their reputation. Armed with wooden spoons, gardening gloves and a malfunctioning robot broom, can these unlikely heroes save the day?"

Book Pages : 256
ISBN13 9780143333654

Manisha Anand

Manisha Anand

Manisha Anand grew up in a tiny place in central India that no one ever bothered to put on a map, where she had several imaginary friends and read far too many books. She now lives in a tiny house in London with a lovely Northern chap, their imaginary cat and a growing collection of books that is threatening to take over. She thinks life’s turned out quite all right.

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