Bad Moon Rising Ranjit Lal

Bad Moon Rising
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There’s a bad moon rising and in its wake comes murder, mystery and mayhem . This anthology includes Satyajit Ray, Payal Dhar, Anshumani Ruddra, Sonja Chandrachud, Poile Sengupta—some of India’s best storytellers—and tales guaranteed to keep you awake through the night. A writer whose murder stories begin to come true; the polite young man who steals far more than money; the half-werewolf, half-witch who murders music in the land of the dead; an apartment where doorbells ring at night for no apparent reason; and the case of the missing Bollywood actress are some of the hair-raising stories that are impossible to put down. Ranging from murder to the supernatural to the all - too chillingly real, Bad Moon Rising will make you lock your doors and shut all the windows…

Book Pages : 176
ISBN13 9780143331643

Ranjit Lal

Ranjit Lal

"Ranjit Lal has written fiction and non-fiction for both adults and children. His most recent books for Puffin were The Caterpillar Who Went on a Diet and Other Stories, When Banshee Kissed Bimbo and Other Bird Stories and The Battle for No. 19."

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