Horrid High Book 1 Payal Kapadia

Horrid High Book 1
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If elevenyearold Ferg Gottin had been bought from a store, his parents would havereturned him and demanded a refund. Because, you see, for the Gottins, parenting is anexperiment gone badly wrong. So when they find a school where you can dump your kidsand forget about them, they decide that Horrid High is the perfect place for Ferg.But there’s nothing perfect about Horrid High—it’s quite unlike the boarding schoolsFerg has read about in storybooks. Ferg soon realizes that this isn’t just a school fororphans, runaways and rejects. Horrid High is a training ground for horrid teacherswho are being sent out into the world to spread horridness! If that’s not enough,Principal Perverse has a Grand Plan that he plans to reveal to every horrid teachereverywhere.Ferg and his friends are the only hope that the children of the world now have. Will theymanage to save the day? Open the gates of Horrid High and find out!

Book Pages : 320
ISBN13 9780143333173

Payal Kapadia

Payal Kapadia

Payal Kapadia lives in Mumbai and is the author of the award-winning debut novella Wisha Wozzariter, which won the 2013 Crossword Book Award for Children's writing, and the horridly entertaining boarding school series Horrid High.

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