Superzero Jane De Suza

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Is SuperZero just another boy with a pushy momwho, like every other mother, believes her sonis special? Whatever the answer, fantastic thingssimply seem to happen around him. Despite hisfather's reservations, his mother has her wayand enrols him into the SuperHero School. Butdoes SuperZero have what it takes to be a capedcrusader?

Book Pages : 200
ISBN13 9780143333340

Jane De Suza

Jane De Suza

Jane De Suza does not write normal books. The SuperZero series, Uncool, Happily Never After and The Spy Who Lost Her Head, among others, are examples of a very different, quirky and questioning look at life. She writes a humour column for The Hindu, had a parenting column for Good Housekeeping and is now co-building an app. Jane is a management graduate and a creative director. She currently lives in Singapore with her family. While travelling across various literature fests, schools and workshops, she grew fascinated by the creative potential of children, from which comes this book.

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