The Rulebreakers’ Club Sowmya Rajendran

The Rulebreakers’ Club
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"Three boys, two girls and one dog—no, you haven’t heard this before! The Rulebreakers’ Club is a gang of five without a dog. And, of course, gangs without dogs are just not cool. They decide to remedy this situation by kidnapping a pug named Spike. But dognapping is tricky business, and dog-owning is definitely not as easy as it sounds. Can the Rulebreakers survive this troublemaking dog and save the world while they’re at it? Or will they land up in a doggone mess? "

Book Pages : 112
ISBN13 9780143427926

Sowmya Rajendran

Sowmya Rajendran

Sowmya Rajendran has written books for children across age groups, from picture books for the tiny ones to young adult fiction. Her books are on the CBSE's recommended reading list for schools. She is a columnist with the student edition of The New Indian Express and sify Movies. Sowmya's titles with Penguin include the graphic novel Nirmala & Normala and The Incredible History of India's Geography, a children's adaption of Sanjeev Sanyal's Land of the Seven Rivers. She lives in Pune.

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