Whatcha Gonna Do, Rosie Singh Rasil Ahuja

Whatcha Gonna Do, Rosie Singh
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Meet Rosie Singh—an eight-year-old who still wears bloomers, and now the whole world knows about it!
There’s no way Rosie is ever going back to St. Anne’s. But does this mean she has to give up all hope of becoming super famous one day? Nearly every super famous person Rosie has ever heard of has finished school and college and has lots of degrees. There must be somebody out there who made it without ever finishing school?
Rosie’s on a mission to find the who’s who of the dropout world. Will she find new role models? Will she go back to St. Anne’s?
Or will she become a washout, a flunkee, a dropout at only age eight?

Book Pages : 144
ISBN13 9780143428541

Rasil Ahuja

Rasil Ahuja

"An army brat, Rasil Ahuja lived in Delhi, Udhampur, Ambala, Baroda, the US and Bhopal—all before the age of twelve. This explains why she is always on the move—be it a new house, city, country or idea. The biggest move was leaving a career in technology to teach. Her passion for education, combined with a love for stories, led her to write for children. When she isn’t writing for work, she’s writing for fun. When she isn’t writing, she’s travelling, baking and playing sports. Rasil currently lives in Bangalore with her husband and seven-year-old son, who is teaching her meditation."

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