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David C. Buck

David C. Buck (b. 1948) has been translating Tamil works into English since 1965. He has also studied Cittar and Saiva religion and philosophy, as well as Carnatic music on the veena. His publications include a number of collaborations with the late Dr K. Paramasivam, including a translation of Iraiyanar Akapporul with Nakkirar’s commentary, as well as some Sangam poetry. He has also published a translation, with comments, of Thirukkurraalak Kuravanci. More recently, he has published a number of translations from contemporary Tamil literature in collaboration with Kannan
M. of the French Institute in Pondicherry. David C. Buck is an Associate Professor Emeritus at Elizabethtown Community and Technical College in Kentucky, USA.

Books by the author

Time Will Write A Song For You

Time Will Write A Song For You

Kannan M, Rebecca Whittington, D. Senthil Babu, David C. Buck