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Jatin Paranjape

JATIN PARANJAPE inherited many things from his father: dashing good looks, a passionate love for cricket, a keen understanding of how people and sport work and, for good measure, a sense of humour that entertains others even as it allows him to occasionally laugh at himself. Having won the Ranji Trophy four times with Mumbai, played with the best in the business and represented India on the world stage, Jatin has had a long journey in cricket. An untimely injury cut short his playing career, but it took him to sports management, entrepreneurship and beyond. When not watching a game of cricket somewhere in the world as a national selector, Jatin lives in Mumbai with his wife, Gandhali, and dotes on their twins, Aditi and Dhruv.

Books by the author

Cricket Drona

Cricket Drona

Jatin Paranjape, Anand Vasu

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