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Paul St-Pierre

Paul St-Pierre taught translation in Canada. He has collaborated on translations of literary texts from Odia into English. Among these are: Six Acres and a Third (by Phakirmohan Senapati, co-translated with R.S. Mishra, S.P. Mohanty and J.K. Nayak and published by University of California Press: 2005 and Penguin: 2006; a later translation [Six and a Third Acres] in collaboration with Leelawati and K.K. Mohapatra, was published by Aleph in 2021); Atmacharita (also by Phakirmohan Senapati,; National Book Trust of India, 2016; translated with D.R. Pattanaik and B.K. Tripathy). Oxford University Press published in 2019 his co-translation, with Himansu S. Mohapatra, of Basanti, and Aleph has published his translation with Leelawati and K.K. Mohapatra of The Greatest Odia Stories ever Told (2019)

Books by the author

Salt of the Earth

Salt of the Earth

Kalindi Charan Panigrahi, KK Mohapatra, Leelawati Mohapatra, Paul St-Pierre
Battles of Our Own

Battles of Our Own

Jagadish Mohanty, Himansu S. Mohapatra, Paul St-Pierre
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