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Ruchika Soi

Born and raised in New Delhi, Ruchika did her undergraduate studies in History at Lady Shri Ram college and obtained her Bachelor’s of Law at Delhi University. She worked at the news magazine India Today before getting enticed into the world of art. Ruchika gained her qualifications in Art History at the British Museum, UK and the National Museum, New Delhi. After working at Bowring’s Fine Art Auctioneers, New Delhi, she went on to curate exhibitions in India and abroad to promote emerging artist. Over the years she contributed articles pertaining to art and culture in many travel magazines.

An avid reader, who also enjoys long walks on the beach, Ruchika is most in her element exploring rock-cut architecture in places that are off the beaten track.

Presently she can be found conducting tours at various museums in Delhi, happy to be sharing knowledge and ensuring her audience leaves with a piece of ‘Incredible India’ etched in their mind

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Ruchika Soi

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