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Can Spirituality Take Us Towards True Liberation?

In his third book in the Spiritual Power series, author Gian Kumar delves deep into questions that bother us throughout our lives on the fundamental existence of God.  He unravels the complex issues that we remain entangled in till we become aware of the power of spiritual awakening. Gian Kumar writes, ‘To be spiritual is purely an internal relationship with oneself. It is how to make the mind consciously experience, realize and transform from one level to another.’

Spiritual Power: God and Beyond answers some of the most intricate and elusive questions known to man and in the process offers deeply meaningful life lessons that will enable you to unshackle your mind.

Read on for 5 lessons from the book that can change your perspective towards life:

Duality is the essence of life

An enlightened being has the power to rise above the eternal pursuit of desires and accept all that is good in life with the bad.

Can attitude alter our perception of life?

‘A positive attitude should be developed not by choice or selection in self-interest, but by an effortlessly balanced approach under awareness in any situation. A sense of appreciation settles, and you understand that the basic cause of all fears is nothing but your thoughts rising from your attachments and the means taken to attain those desires.’

Awareness is a weapon against negativity

The human mind is vulnerable to negative forces such as lust, greed, envy and jealousy that raise their ugly head in our relentless quest for more and better material pleasures.

Can these forces be vanquished?

Even strong efforts to think positively will only suppress those inner feelings of negativity, without eliminating them. Spirituality claims that you only need to become constantly aware and conscious of both positive and negative, and you shall effortlessly disengage from your negative urges.

Life affirming choices lead us to success

The imminent transition of the world of commerce, from a wholly material dimension towards a spiritually enriched corporate culture, can create a thriving work force.

How can we create a more evolved work space?

‘It is not your machines, stock, or computers that are your real assets; it is the people behind them who are the prime resource to drive them. It is your investment in social and environmental responsibility that enriches your material life, helping you to evolve and transform into wholeness, which in turn reflects your superiority over competitors.’

Life is all about this moment  

Seeking happiness in the future creates a distance from the ‘witnessing-self’ that lives and breathes in the present moment as the experiential mind. Looking inward to meet this self is a firm step outside the boundaries of the physical body.

Can we govern the wayward thoughts that disrupt our present?

 ‘If you wish to know how to be devoid of unnecessary thoughts, first get to know more about your own thoughts, because there is no such thing as a thoughtless mind. Awareness and consciousness both require thoughts to interpret their presence. Both insist that the mind be more in the present, rather than in the past or future.’

Change is essential to evolution

Blindly following outdated traditions can create a divide between man and God and in order to awaken to the essence of this relationship, man must find God, guru and the self within.

Can we awaken to our own God?

Nothing is fixed in the world. Everything changes, expands and evolves. We too need to evolve from antiquated religious scriptures and traditions into a more fluid and dynamic spiritual humanism.

Reflected in this deeply insightful and informative volume is author Gian Kumar’s approach to the inherent confusion and chaos underlying religion.  Spiritual Power: God and Beyond details a life defining move towards spirituality which not only offers a sanctuary of peace but also empowers the seeker to move away from the rigidity of archaic practices.

Read Spiritual PowerGod and Beyond to tap into the hidden power source within you!

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