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If You’re From an Armed Forces Background, You Will Relate to These

Our Amazing Armed Forces series by Mamta Nainy and Arthy Muthanna Singh shows you what it takes to be in the military, not just for those who wear the uniform but for their families as well.The series introduces readers to the people and their families whose big and small acts of heroism make the Forces inspiring…

From moving homes to making new friends, from deployment to reunion, from patriotism to tender family moments, here are a few insights into the life of a child in the Armed Forces:

“Home is where the air force sends us. This suddenly becomes Ma’s favourite phrase each time she gets transfer orders and we have to move to a new place!”


“Sometimes, her assignments take her to far-off places where families are not allowed…I especially missed her at dinner time and when I needed help with my homework!”


“Our stuff doesn’t always arrive on time, and it’s never pleasant to be stuck wearing the same clothes for a month!”


“Last year, she could not even telephone me on my birthday because her ship was out at sea. I was very upset. I grumbled about it when she called me from Mumbai after her ship came into port.”


“Every time Dad and Rika cannot tell Mom and me anything about the Indian Navy, they said it is ‘classified information.’ “


“I tried to spend as much time as I could with Rika. On her last evening, she put on a surprise musical show for us…The next morning, Mom made her favourite poha for breakfast.”


“I tried to stay cheerful when she left, but I did cry after she was gone. I was sad that I wouldn’t be able to spend time with her for a while, but I knew she loved her job.”


” ‘Nobody tells me anything,’ Beena cried, tears rolling down her cheeks. ‘And Kargil is a dangerous place. I know. I watch TV too.’ She rushed into the bathroom and slammed the door.”

My Father Is In The Indian Army,  My Mother Is In The Indian Air Force and My Sister Is In The Indian NavyOur Amazing Armed Forces series is available now!

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