Announcement: A book on love and relationships by Shenaz Tresuryvala


Penguin India is happy to announce the acquisition of actor and travel vlogger Shenaz Treasuryvala’s debut book, All He Left Me Was a Recipe—a book of memoiristic essays about all the men who have been a part of, or influenced, her life in some way. From her first kiss to her first breakup and all the awkward moments in-between. It’s a funny, yet deep look at relationships and the bonds we form with people.

SHENAZ TREASURYVALA: ‘The book is a candid and funny collection of pages out of my (very personal) diary, dedicated to the men in my life. The men whose roles have morphed between my best friends, lovers, teachers, fathers, sons and boyfriends. From when I was 3 to this very moment. The men I’ve laughed with, cried with, shared food with, had adventures with, travelled the world with, the men who made me laugh, the men who made me lunch, the men who took me to dinner, the men who later unfriended me on Facebook, those men . . . my men. The recipe reference in the book title (besides being a metaphor for a life lesson) is an actual recipe that each one left me with.

‘I’ve always had stories in me. When I was 10, I used to make grown-ups pay Rs 10, arrange chairs on the terrace of my building and tell them stories. They’d ask me, “Where did you come up with that?” and I would say, “But it really happened!” as they’d stare at me in disbelief. As I got older, I made the kids in my building act my stories out. I still do open mic sessions in New York where I now spend half my time. But I have many stories to tell and it’s time to write them down.

‘So thank you Penguin for giving me this opportunity. But do know that this book is part fact, part fantasy, part fiction, part exaggeration. Don’t ask me which is which. I have no idea myself. I am the girl with the over-active imagination. All I know is that it’s real for me and it happened, either in my head, on the page, in my dreams, in my diary, in life, in a saucepan, oven or microwave.’

EDITOR: ‘This is not your average celebrity memoir—in the best possible way. Shenaz’s debut book is a funny meditation on her hilarious, and at times grief-stricken, encounters with members of the opposite sex. Beginning with her first love at age 3 on a cargo ship, her stories range from funny to heartbreaking to profound. This will be a delightful read.’—Gurveen Chadha, Associate Commissioning Editor

ABOUT SHENAZ: Shenaz is an Indian actress, TV host, writer, and travel vlogger. With her lifelong love of travel, she wrote travel articles for Cosmopolitan, Elle, and Femina. She has served as the host of Culture Shock on the Travel Channel. In 2011, she got a recurring role as Rama Patel on the American soap opera One Life to Live. She has appeared in Bollywood movies like Ishq Vishq and Delhi Belly. During 2015 she was a contributor and occasional panelist on The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore on Comedy Central in the United States.

She recently made her global Netflix debut with the show Brown Nation, a satire on Indians in New York.