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We’re publishing Cure-Fit Healthcare’s Co-Founder Mukesh Bansal’s book on reaching one’s potential

Penguin Random House India announces the acquisition and publication of No Limits: The Art and Science of High Performance by the seasoned technology entrepreneur Mukesh Bansal. This book has been acquired from Westland Publications and is scheduled to release on 11 July 2022. The book is currently available for pre-order on all major e-commerce websites.

Founder of India’s largest fashion retailer Myntra and having headed the e-commerce division for Flipkart, Mukesh Bansal has been a lifelong student of human performance optimisation. To understand what it takes to transcend apparent limitations and achieve true potential, he studied the science behind this optimisation and worked closely with high performers across verticals, such as business, sports and entertainment, to gain better insight.

Through his entrepreneurial experience and studying the field of health and fitness, Bansal came to understand the enormous power of plasticity: the ability of the human brain to rewire itself at will as we develop new skills. He is the co-founder of CureFit, one of the largest fitness chains in India, where he is involved in building a next-generation health platform that makes holistic health easy and accessible for everyone.

No Limits distils Bansal’s findings on talent, deliberate practice, mindset, habit, willpower, and learning. Readers can expect it to be a guide to maximising one’s potential with well-defined strategies and is a must-read for not only entrepreneurs but also students, people in management or business, and anyone who wishes to be a superior version of themselves.

Mukesh Bansal, the author, says, ‘When I began to recognise the amazing plasticity of the human mind and body, my entire understanding of and approach to high performance changed completely. In No Limits, I draw on my personal experiences and my interactions with the high performers I have had the good fortune of meeting and working with. I have attempted to distil the ancient wisdom and the modern science of mindset, habit, willpower and learning to create a toolkit for readers to unleash their full potential.’

Manasi Subramaniam, Associate Publisher & Head of Rights, Penguin Press, Penguin Random House India said, ‘The prolific growth of the self-improvement economy over the years exemplifies the human need to constantly do better. Driven by this very need and gifted with a penchant for learning, Mukesh Bansal has written a truly important book, and we are proud to say that No Limits has found a home at Penguin Random House India.’

Author Bio:

Mukesh Bansal is a computer science engineer from IIT Kanpur and a technology entrepreneur. He founded India’s largest fashion retailer Myntra and headed the e-commerce division for Flipkart after a highly successful acquisition. He is the co-founder of Cure Fit Healthcare Pvt Ltd. where he is involved in building a next-generation health platform that makes holistic health easy and accessible for everyone. He has over twenty years of experience in multiple early-stage start-ups in Silicon Valley (NexTag, eWanted, Centrata, newScale) where he held various senior management positions in Product Management and Marketing.