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Quotes that Make Becky’s Struggles True to Life – Christmas or No Christmas

Yes – we all know Becky had a nice and warm Christmas party, but the struggle was real.

In many ways Christmas, the New Year, and the post-festive blues teach us a lot about life. Our favourite shopaholic, Rebecca Bloomwood (now Brandon) has always taught us a lot about mundanities of life, about human desires and about relationships. And she is no different in her latest adventure – where she brings her shopaholic-ness to family and festivities!

We are combating our Monday Blues today by recalling some of her characteristically frenzied but oddly wise words!

Shopping is hard work. Period.

Regifting is an important skill to learn.

Life is not a Christmas movie (sigh). But there is no harm in trying to make it one!

If you didn’t shop in last-minute panic, are you even a shopaholic?

Families rarely on agree on anything.

Rewards are hard to earn.

What lessons have Becky, Luke and the gang taught you?

As for us, we are quite glad that we can get to revisit Christmas Shopaholic even if the festive season is over (there, we said it. It’s real now).


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