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Meet the king and queen of Ullas!

Have you wondered how the onion got so many layers? The story begins with the king and queen of the kingdom of Ullas, who really wanted a child.

Have a peek below!




The kingdom of Ullas was very prosperous. The subjects were happy, the farmers had grown a bumper crop and the kingdom was surrounded by friendly allies. But the king and queen of Ullas were very sad. Their sadness seemed to envelop them wherever they went. This was because they really longed for a child and did not have one.



One day, they learnt of a place in the forests in the kingdom where, if you prayed hard and well, you were granted your wish.

They went there and for many days, prayed to the goddess of the forest for a long time. Finally, their prayers were heard and the goddess appeared before them in a flash of green light.



‘What do you wish for, my dear children?’ she asked.

The king and queen, overjoyed, bowed low and said, ‘We wish to have a child.’

‘So be it, you will soon have a little girl,’ said the goddess, shimmering in the greenery. ‘But remember, though she will be a loving child, she will have one flaw: She will love new clothes too much and it will make life difficult for you. Do you still want such a child?’


How the Onion Got its Layers || Sudha Murty



The king and queen looked at each other with their eyes full of hope and love. ‘Yes, we do,’ they said to the goddess. ‘We can’t think of anything else we want more in this world.’

The goddess smiled and vanished back among the trees.







What will happen now? Will the king and queen be happy? And how will this lead to the onion’s many layers?

Your favourite storyteller, Sudha Murty, is back to tell you all this and more!

Remembering Some Words from India’s Most Loved Storyteller

We recently celebrated our most loved storyteller, Ruskin Bond’s 86th birthday. And as much fun as we had rediscovering his stories and hearing his words again – we can never really get enough of his stories.

As we continue to flip through his words, we decided to do a our own little round-up of some of his most powerful words and quotes that have stayed with us through the years.


On Unequal Struggles


On Human Truths and Sentiments

On Sadness and Fleeting Happiness


On Discomfort and Struggles


On Dreams and Reality


On Friendships 


On Battles of Life


On Making Your Own Music


On Childhood and Adulthood


On Focusing and Spending on the Right Things



Whether writing for adults or for his young audience, Mr. Bond’s words have always had a resounding effect on us, no matter how many times we revisit his stories. Which of his stories are closest to your heart? Share with us in the comments below!

Meanwhile, you can join us in celebrating his work and life at our Kindle Store!


Meet the Generation of Weird from ‘Children of Destruction’

Between a blind and telekinetic mass murderer, a girl bound to a shadow-demon and a genetically engineered pseudo messiah, a whole generation of weird is ready to come of age, in Kuber Kaushik’s book titled The Children of Destruction. And when it does, the world will change…

Who are these children of Destruction….let’s meet them!

Alice, The Dreamer

Sun Alice is a 15 year old from Hong Kong. She is the heir to the ancient power of the Elementals and can control air. Confused and annoyed by creepy supernatural creatures, she is very sarcastic (it’s a defense mechanism).


Tao, The Disciple 

14 year old Tao is from the outskirts of Kathmandu. Blinded and orphaned as a child, he was raised as a Disciple to the god Yama. He is telekinetic and even-tempered to the point of emotionless. Oh, and he has a murder list.



Adam, The Vessel 

Adam Al-Kharsan is from a secret base somewhere in Afghanistan. The 11 year old is genetically engineered to save the world. Though eternally curious, optimistic and confident, he has problems with rules…rules like ‘don’t kill people’.


Violetta, The Hybrid

Violetta of Santor is from a mystical hidden valley in the Hindu Kush Mountains. Bonded to an ancient shadow creature called Shade, the 12 year old tends to brood a lot. She has nightmares…400 years’ worth of nightmares.



You would think that after causing minor hurricanes with a major sneeze, being visited by a talking fox and ending up on a journey with death around every corner, things can’t get much worse. But they can…find out how in Kuber Kaushik’s Children of Destruction.