6 Times Everything Everything Warmed Our Hearts

Do you remember your first teenage love? Nicola Yoon’s debut novel Everything Everything is here to remind you of your first love, when anything seems possible and no problem is insurmountable. A gripping tale of love, relationships and world as we know it, Everything Everything has everything to make you laugh, cry and feel everything in between.

Here are six times the book warmed our hearts.

Oh! The feeling when your crush calls!

EE 1.png

When Maddy’s clay astronaut is at a dining centre but can’t eat!

EE 2.png

When mom cooks something you hate!

EE 3.png

The disease at least one teenage girl has every 30 seconds.

EE 4

The “Out of the World” feeling!

EE 5.png

The sickness we don’t mind!

EE 6.png

Taking you to the world of young innocent love that knows no bounds, Everything Everything will leave you with a warm, fuzzy feeling in your heart, wanting for more!


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