7 Lessons of Communal Harmony from India’s first President that are the Need of the Hour

Written by Dr. Rajendra Prasad, India Divided is a first-hand testimony of what went on behind the Partition that forever changed the lives of the people in the Indian subcontinent.

Dr. Prasad’s book not only traces the origins of the Hindu-Muslim conflict but also explores how Partition was an unviable solution to a question that has remained unresolved till today.

Here are seven instances from India Divided which show us why it’s important to seek peace, love and mutual respect on either side of the line

When one must not forget to remember that a society does not thrive in isolation and that history does not begin with loss.

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When the stakeholders must remember that a solution does not seek lives, but is in the interest of one and all.

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When one must not forget that ‘homogenous’ people is perhaps not an answer to the question.

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When one must realise that oppression, in any form, can never help a society progress.

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When one must emphasise on the importance of an inclusive society.

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When one should hark back to the times of complete peace and harmony, a state that is perhaps not unachievable.

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And when one must not forget that years ago, the natural state of cohabiting for Hindus and Muslims, was not in neighbouring nations.

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Dr. Rajendra Prasad’s words help us find our bridge over troubled waters even years after he wrote them. Grab your copy of India Divided here today!

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