DIY Hacks to a Radiant You from ‘Roots to Radiance’!

Do you often find yourself wishing for easy and accessible ways to a better skin, hair, teeth, nails, etc.? Roots to Radiance by Nikita Upadhyay, addresses just about all your beauty problems, with various ways to attain the best version of yourself. The book consists of 500+ tips and tricks that will help you stay in your ‘A game’. These easy-to-make solutions and DIY hacks taken from traditional Indian wisdom will help you enhance your daily beauty routine!

Here we have a few DIY tips, that can assist you in attaining those beauty goals:

A natural scrub that can be used for your face, neck and body.

1⁄4 cup rose water

2 teaspoons coconut oil

1 tablespoon white sugar

Sugar is fabulous for scrubbing and for your face and scalp too.

Mix rose water, coconut oil and sugar and exfoliate your face using circular, upward motions (as explained earlier), twice or thrice a week.

An easy way to get those lush eyebrows!

Soak fenugreek seeds in water overnight and grind them the next morning.

Mix raw milk to the paste and apply on your brows with a cotton earbud to up your brow game!

Combat loose and sagging skin with this trick


Potassium alum (fitkari)

Let me back this up with the most street-smart technique that’s spotted in the tents of local barbers in our country. They keep blocks of fitkari with them and use it as an aftershave balm. Reason being, it’s antiseptic, it shrinks open pores and also helps repair loose skin.

  • Just add 2 blocks of potassium alum to a bucketful of water and let it dissolve.
  • Bathe in that water to tighten your skin.
  • You can also use half a cup for one cup of water and dissolve it to apply to the areas that have 
stretch marks, as a skin-tightening mask.

Make your own cleansing milk!


Most make-up removers will require you to wash your face after using them. This DIY cleansing milk won’t. Mix raw milk, lemon juice, rose water and a few drops of almond oil together and take a cotton pad to remove your make-up with it. This is the only hydrant you need after wearing cosmetics on your face all day.

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