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A chat with yoga expert Ira Trivedi!

Why and how is yoga important for kids – especially in today’s times?

Yoga has never been as important as it is today. There are two reasons to it: one of them being this global pandemic. Yoga does so many wonderful things to our immune system. The other reason is the reality of kids constantly using digital devices, the ipads, TV. There is a lack of physical activity in their lives. Yoga can help in solving this and it is the most wonderful way to improve physical activity.

How challenging was it to make yoga accessible (and interesting) for kids while writing this book?

It is a challenge to make yoga interesting for kids because there is so much media being thrown at our kids today. Everything is becoming more and more vivid and three-dimensional. To make yoga interesting is a big challenge but it’s a beautiful challenge and is something I am super passionate about.

How can parents ensure a sustainable yoga and meditation routine for their children?

There are two ways:

  1. Continue to inspire them. If they watch their parents and adults do it, they stay inspired.
  2. Finding a good teacher and interesting ways of doing yoga. It shouldn’t feel like a punishment for children.

How did the idea for this book strike and what was the process of writing it like?

The idea of the book struck me while watching my dog Om and then I thought to myself: there can’t be a better brand ambassador than Om the Yoga Dog for my book!

Om the Yoga Dog || Ira Trivedi


Could you tell us more about the effects of yoga on mental health – both for kids and for adults?

Mental benefits of yoga are immense. It helps in going inwards and creating a mediated state of mind for body and beyond. Yoga can accomplish that in a beautiful and sustainable way and it is the need of the hour, more than ever before.

What is the one dietary advice you would like to give to parents alongside a regular yoga routine?

My advice would be to not overeat. Try to have a fasting routine once a week; maybe you can fast selectively and choose a day where you won’t eat carbs or a day where you won’t eat sugar. Just keep it simple, keep it easy and it will take you a long way.

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