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The Magic Weight Loss Pill – Here’s all you Need to Know About it

The Magic Weight Loss Pill by Luke Coutinho and Anushka Shetty, is an exceptional guide to one’s healthier self. Talking about the reasons and ways to combat various diseases like diabetes, kidney and liver stones and the problem of excess weight, co-author Luke Coutinho states the advantages of maintaining a simple and healthy lifestyle. With the magic pill of a changed lifestyle, the authors give an easy hack to the secret of remaining fit, mentally and physically.

With sixty-two easy fixes to a happier and healthier body and life, the book makes for a great and an informative read. Here we tell you the wisdom of the magic weight loss pill as shared by Luke Coutinho:


Calorie-restriction diets are not as successful as they are made out to be. In most of these diets, there is too much emphasis on the intake and usage of calories without the knowledge of whether a person has the ability to burn fat or not. A smart food diet with a balanced nutritional value is thus, of utmost importance.
Going back to one’s staple food is a great way to keep a balance of nutrients in the body. Especially including Indian staple foods have been proven to be better than the junk food endorsed these days. For example, pure jaggery is a healthier substitute to white sugar.
Refrain from having fruit juice, as they lack most of the fruit’s fibre and nutrients. This further leads to heightened blood-sugar levels. A wiser option would be to have your fruits whole, and chew them well. The natural sweetness of fruits reduces the craving for other sweet foods too.
Before getting yourself into fancier and more extravagant fitness programs, try doing basic exercises like – squats, lunges, full unsupported push-ups, plank, 5 km walk or 4 km run, pull-ups, jumping jacks. These exercises use all the vital muscles of the body that are required for everyday movement, posture, and body alignment.
Sleep and the quality of one’s sleep is another reason which facilitates the burning of belly fat and losing weight. Getting the right amount of sleep is thus, quite significant.
Bottling of one’s emotions and stress (mental and physical) directly affects the immunity of the body. Emotional detoxification is hence, vital in order to lose weight. This helps people to not compare their bodies with others and become more gentle with their self-imposed stress of becoming fit in a certain amount of time or like someone else.

The Magic Weight Loss Pill by Luke Coutinho and Anushka Shetty is filled with sixty-two astonishingly easy and extremely practicable changes that will have you feeling healthier and happier!


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